Tuesday, June 9, 2009

9 Months ... Already!?

Mason turned 9 months old on May 24 ... he is a little over 30 inches tall and weighs about 21 pounds! Mason is pulling up on anything and everything, and taking the occasional step on his own. He has 4 top teeth and 2 on the bottom, with more already on the way! Like his mom and dad, Mason eats everything ... he loves fish, asparagus, rice, etc. If Mason could live outside he would ... he spends much of his day with Maria at the park, the lake, the pool, and riding around in his wagon, red car, or stroller.
Mason loves to wave, give kisses, laugh, and say da da! He has curly hair that is as independent as he is!!
This month Mason thought it would be a good idea to test mommy while daddy was out of town! He pulled over shelves, jumped out of his crib (imagine my surprise when I went to rock him to sleep and found him on the floor), and pooped in the tub.
Stay tuned for Mason's next move ...

A weekend with Grandma and Grandpa

Grandma and Grandpa Spangler came in town for a wonderful visit! Mason LOVED spending time with them and showing off all of his new tricks.
Grandma was a pro with our active boy ... she was not phased after having 3 of her own
Grandpa baby-proofed our entire house and fixed the light in Mason's room ... what would we do without you? Thank you!

Summer Time

Mason loves his new pool! He has been spending his afternoons working on his tan and splashing away!!

Apparently Mason is NOT afraid of the water
Mommy could get use to this!

Happy Memorial Day!

My very own Memorial Day parade on Chesterton Dr.

My new red wagon ... mommy and daddy cant believe these things come with fold out seats, cup holders, seat belts, and my very own shade!!
Already sharing my new wagon with friends ...

Da da da da da

Da da, enough said ...

Highlights from month 8

Mason is growing up so fast! Here are some of my favorite pictures from this month ...
Horse back riding ...
Puddle jumping ...
An evening of music at the Arboretum

Happy Easter!

We hope everyone had a very happy Easter!
Mason enjoyed all of his goodies from the Easter Bunny, spending time with family, going to church, and making 3 outfit changes for Mommy!!
Mason loved his Easter basket

Off to Church ...
We had a wonderful time with Mimi, Popa, and Aunt D
Mason had his picture made with the live bunnies at the Arboretum!
He was so good and the bunny even had a chance to nibble on his toes!!
As you can see, Mason LOVES to be outside ... even when we make him take a million pictures
Mason and Aunt D
Mason and Mommy
Sporting his vampire fangs ...
Our sweet angel ...