Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mason is 7 Months Old

Mason is 7 months old and growing by the minute. He is sitting up, starting to crawl by pulling himself with his arms across the living room, and he has 4 teeth!! Mason LOVES to eat ... some of his favorites are bananas, avocado, baby yogurt, and ALL veggies ... especially peas! Mason weighs almost 20 pounds and he is about 30 inches tall. He is sooo fun and such a BOY!! He loves to be outside playing, swinging, and going on walks. He loves to wrestle with Daddy, jump in his bouncer, practice walking, and cruise around in his red car. Some of his favorite people are Aunt D, Daddy, and our nanny Maria, but he will jump in any one's arms and make their day. He is still just the happiest, healthiest baby and we feel like the luckiest parents in the world.

Sitting Up

Mason has definitely mastered the art of sitting up!! Now if we could just get him to lay down!!
Sitting in a "big boy" high chair
Laid back, just lookin for cute chicks!!
So proud of himself ...
Sitting up for bath time
Mason LOVES playing ball with Mommy and Daddy

The New Huggies Baby ...

Mason has so many wonderful toys to play with, but his 3 favorites are a Huggies box, a bottle of water, and the inside of a papertowl roll ... who would have thought!!

Birthday Bash!

Mason had so much fun at his friend Kathryn's 1st Birthday Party. All the kiddos got to leave with a ball, and Mason has not put Nemo down since!
Mason and his best bud Will
Making new friends
Mason and Caroline ... no hair pulling please!
Mason hitting on the Birthday girl, Kathryn. Happy Birthday!!
Will enjoying some bubble time!

Some of our Favorite Pictures from March

I LOVE bath time!! More Bubbles Please!
Headed to Church ...
Daddy is just sooo silly!
Chillin in my cowboy boots
Two Hotties!!